Shimpei Takamatsu
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高松 真平
Shimpei Takamatsu

1986 born in Hiroshima
2009 graduated from Tokyo University of the Art, Department of Musical Creativity and the Environment
2010 Institute of Advanced Media Arts and Sciences

What is a city or space?

We can not feel all of the city and the space from a fixed point.
It is a huge complex structure of history,culture, and economics and so on.

How do we feel the city and the space?

But it is surrounding us all of the time.
We must be feeling it somehow.

I think it is difficult to feel the city and the space even though it close by us, so it is mysterious for me.
I would like to reach the core of the city and the space
through research project and using computer technology.

2007 in-fusion (SALON by marbletron)
2008 Cultural Typhoon2008 (sendai mediatheque)
2008 free media! free art! (ZAIM main building)
2009 project tube 5 vol.3 (sendai mediatheque)
2009 Hands On -Prototyping Prototypes- (AXIS gallery)

2009 RADIO GARDEN (Kyoto Art Center)

2009 International Festival for art and media Yokohama2009(Shinko Pier)-GRL YOKOHAMA-